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Our dedicated team of caring vets and nurses who will be taking great care of your precious pets. We emphasise a holistic approach, and promote sound preventative health measures to improve both your pet’s longevity and quality of life.

The VetCare Team

You will find out more about our friendly and highly experienced vet staff of 3 vets and 7 nurses, each profiled under VetCare Team, along with their own menagerie of pets.

Veterinary Doctors

Alex is probably on TV while Vicki is coordinating her medicine and surgery cases. While Amber is running the show down at our sister clinic on Carrington Road in Mt Albert. 

Veterinary Nurses

whale6b.jpgThe nursing team are here to save lives. It's who they are, it's what they do. We have Vanessa (Dog hoarder), Henna (Pikachu), Danielle (dannilonglegs), Sarah (Farm girl), and Rachael (baby hands).


Ready to support our pet care in times of need when those really complicated cases crop up. Vet Specialist Group, Veterinary Specialists Auckland, Peter Collinson for ophthalmology, PetDoctors Lynnfield for the exotic pets, Dr Debbie Simpson for dermatology.

Rehab Services

Dr Kym Shrimpton from Acupet & Helen from Auckland Canine Massage.

The whole gang of vets and nurses hit the not so deep blue to swim with 7 to 9 foot sharks at Kelly Tarlton's. Proud of them. No humans were hurt in the making of this video (much) and we have the shed shark teeth mounted on our clinic wall (dropped in terror as they thought the team was turning up with special shark thermometers).

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more great videos!

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