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  • Summer Festival of Fleas
    Coming home to unwanted guests is always a pain and expensive after a relaxing holiday. Fleas do not just live on your furry loved ones but can also invite themselves Read more
  • Farewell from Dr Shalsee
    For those I have not seen recently I am about to embark on a new chapter of my work life, I will sadly be leaving a day job that I Read more
  • Dr Kim Telford's SPAW Trip
    The Kingdom of Tonga does not have a permanent veterinary clinic so the locals rely on trips by South Pacific Animal Welfare (SPAW) volunteers for treatment of their pets, as Read more
  • Dental Xray's - Getting to the root of the issue
    The canine or feline tooth is an anatomical wonder. The smooth white enamel surface that coats the crown of the tooth protects the softer inner lining of the pulp cavity Read more
  • Kelly's Winter Pet Tips
    Winter has finally arrived, cold nights, wet days and of course dogs and cats that do not want to go outside, after all they like to be warm just like Read more
  • Parking At VetCare Grey Lynn
    Parking is vital for any business in Auckland, that is why VetCare has plenty of client carparks available. All you have to do is know where! The two parking areas are:Driveway: Read more
  • Dr Alex talks teeth
    Vets from New Zealand are so concerned about the appalling state of dental health that VetCare are offering free check-ups, dental discount and basic care lessons to owners.  Research shows that Read more
  • What's in my bowl?
    Is your pet's bowl helping them to live better for longer? Diet is the biggest thing we can control as owners; so why not ensure we are providing them with Read more
  • Auckland Canine Massage Q&A
    Is you dog the 1 in 5 that suffers from arthritis?We met up with Helen from Auckland Canine Massage to find out how massage can help your arthritic pooch... Q: What Read more
  • Wellness Promotion
    There may come a time in your pets life where the veterinarian recommends a wellness exam.Early detection of disease allows for more effective treatment/lifestyle changes and can help prolong life Read more

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