Chest Heart Respiratory

IMG_1227.jpgBreathing Difficulties

My Partner and I recently got a Pekingese puppy. We have named him Foible. We purchased him from a breeder who assured us he is a pure bred. We didn't get any papers for him and don't know if the breeder is NZKC registered. The breeder said that Foible needed an operation to widen his sinus cavities and to alleviate breathing problems that are common to this breed.

Hyper - Hearts in cats (hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)

Courtesy of Paws for thought magazine - by Chris Welland

Hyper-hearts is a common cat condition.

It is believed that as many as one in six cats have heart disease. Here Chris Welland looks at the symptoms and gives advice for owners if you suspect your cat may suffer from this condition.

Kennel Cough

Hi Dr Alex, I’ve got a gristly bone to grind with my usual kennel where Caesar, my beautiful Staffie stays whenever we go away on holiday. I went to drop him up there last week on our way out of town and they turned him away.

Fortunately I got a friend to take him at their home, so our trip wasn’t ruined but it was a really stressful experience. Although he had a nasal kennel cough vaccination 5 days prior they said this wasn’t good enough. We had that vaccination done especially at the kennel’s request because his annual shots were given 9 months before. What are they going on about? Confused in Ponsonby, Margaret.

Kidney Failure

Hi Alex, I’ve afraid I’ve got some issues with my Blue Heeler “Beema” and I’m somewhat confused and unsure where to go from here. I haven’t seen you for ages since I moved out of Grey Lynn and have been using another vet. They’ve taken her off her Metacam drops because of some kidney troubles starting up. As of a couple of weeks ago she was on no meds for her arthritis and she won't eat the special dog food with kidney medicines in it. So now she is actually getting no meds for either arthritis or kidney problems. I've been feeding her boiled chicken and rice and she's lost quite a bit of condition. What else could I be doing?? Regards, Jim.


The reasons that your cat may sneeze can range from being extremely minor to being a serious medical condition.

A cat that is sneezing, intermittently may have simply inhaled an irritant in to their nasal passage during their investigation of something in their environment. Inhalation of dust & pollens can cause rapid sneezing, just like it does in humans.

Snorring Operation

Hi Alex,

I have a 5 year old Chihuahua X Brussels Griffon who has the most INSANE snoring problem. It drives me and my partner absolutely bonkers, but we feel it would be unfair to remove him from the bedroom at bedtime since he's always been allowed to sleep on/in the bed (just like a small child).

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