MORE_PICS_074_New.jpgHeat Stroke

Q. Alex, I heard you on 1ZB talking about heat stroke in dogs and wondered why our canine friends are more prone to this than people? I’m always really careful to keep Bruce (my Doberman) out of the heat at this time of the year so thankfully he’s been fine so far.

Paw Swollen

I am hoping U might be able to help with a diagnosis..............

My 5 year old German Pointer suddenly showed a reluctance to put any weight on her front paw,

but showed no signs of pain when I examined toe pads & joints.

Just as things seemed to be getting better, she developed a nasal discharge & a huge fever. She refused to eat, was totally lethargic & I can feel a swollen lymph gland in the underarm of the affected paw. Not much change with regard to limping . Now there is a marked loss of muscle in that shoulder. Any thoughts come to mind? Denise, Auckland

Shaking Scottie

Dear Martin and Jay,

It’s great to get an animal question directly from the editor; this of course means you intently follow my advice every month. Tiger’s shakes may just be from very high adrenaline levels at certain times, as is common with many breeds like Jack Russell and Staffordshire Terriers.

Shih Tzu Breed Traits

Hi Alex,I am looking to purchase a companion dog and keep coming back to the Shih Tzu. Do you have any insight you can give me from a medical & personality point of view from your experience treating Shih Tzu?

In particular, I know they can be susceptible to eye injuries due to their flat face. Do you see a lot of these types of injuries? There are also many Shih Tzu crosses out there – in particular, the Shih Tzu/Maltese cross. Do you have any experience or insight regarding the crosses?

Skipping on Hind Legs

Hi Alex,

Something strange is going on with my dogs back legs. He has been having episodes of running along fine then suddenly yelping and holding up one back leg. He hops along for a minuit then places it back down on the ground and runs around as if nothing has ever happened.

The strange thing is it can be in either back leg, and when I’ve examined him carefully afterwards everything looks fine. By this time he’s not showing any pain at all. It happens mainly when he’s tearing around like a maniac at the park chasing balls and playing with other dogs.

Sore Paw

Hi Martin and Jay,

Amazingly when I spun the barrel full of mail for this month yours was the letter that popped out, totally randomly of course. So let’s get on to the intricate workings of Scottie dogs.

Tail Injury

Hi Alex, I think I’ve hurt Mac! I accidentally stood on his tail one morning last week, (in the dark) and he squealed a bit but definitely didn’t run away or show any distress. Then last night, my husband noticed as he stroked him over his back right on the base of his tail ... he yelped! Now we have taken even more notice of him, he’s definitely dragging his tail and not lifting it at all! I’M BAD! I THINK it must have been me.

Wobbly Hind Legs

Hey Alex, how are you, just wondering if I can bring Maxi in one day this week, around lunch time, as I am really worried about him. I’d like to get his back legs and hips x-rayed.

Everyone thinks he has got something wrong as he is struggling to stand straight at times and lost a lot of strength. Also, is there is a supplement he can go on to get his legs stronger. I know he’s getting old (12 next month) but this seems to have happened quite quickly so just want to rule anything out. Hopefully he doesn’t have to get knocked out for the above but let me know how drowsy he'll be. Thanks, C of St Mary’s Bay.

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