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We all know how nosey our pets are, being an extension of ourselves, and sometimes just as with us, that nose gets them into trouble. As summer arrives and insect numbers climb, a nasty shock lurks amongst our gardens and trapped against our window panes. Our precious cats and dogs can be on the receiving end of sometimes painful, and even dangerous insect bites and stings.

Flea Facts


This has got to be an opportune time to bust open a few myths regarding our little local creeping parasites, FLEAS. Fleas love the heat. With this spectacular summer comes a hoard of the biting, jumping, blood suckers.

Please don’t dismiss them as a problem simply because you’ve only noticed one of the little suckers. The key is to wipe them out early.

Flea Invasion

Hi Alex. Please help me, and help Jack, my West Highland White Terrier. (Editor please note this is like a white version of your Scotties, even with the same name!)

We are overrun with blood sucking fleas. I dose Jock every 6 or 8 weeks with a flea vial. I get Frontline or Advantage or something like that. It doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Jack is chewing his bum and making quite a mess. I’ve got flea bites all over my legs. I haven’t started chewing them yet but it’s pretty unbearable. What can we try? Steve & Jack.


Dear Doctor Alex, I’ve got a great 6 year old tabby cat which i rescued from a roadside ditch and bottle fed on kitten formula from 1 month of age. Xena has flourished since then and has never had a sick day in her life. I usually flea comb her and almost never find any fleas. Just the last few weeks though i‘ve had a real problem with her and fleas and have finally put a flea collar on her. The last couple of days she has been off her meals and dribbling more than usual and staying put in her cat bed. Could it be a reaction to the flea treatment? If I take the collar off what else can I try?


Hi Alex,

Just a quick question. I’ve been walking “Van”, my chocolate Labrador puppy, through One Tree Hill a lot over this summer break. He really loves the wilderness feel of it all. The other day we found a tick on Van’s skin and we pulled it off. The next day when I took him for a walk through the park I noticed a sign saying 'Cattle Ticks in this area'. So do I need to treat Van for these with special treatment or will the Advantage I've been using do the trick?


Hi Martin,

I think the first thing that is important to realize is that the vast number of animals with small numbers of intestinal worms will not show you any external signs. This is a very strong reason to regularly worm all cats and dogs regardless of their apparent great health.

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