Poisons Toxins

Anti-freeze Poisoning

By Ginny Lovrich

antifreeze1.jpgAs winter months approach, so to does the incidence of accidental poisoning of cats and dogs from vehicle anti-freeze. Unfortunately both the smell and taste of this commonly used product are generally appealing to pets, but even small amounts can be deadly if ingested.

Chocolate Poisoning

Death by chocolate

Like everyone else at Easter time my thoughts turn to lessons contained in the Bible ….. Well to be fair, the thoughts go mainly to memories of chocolates devoured over the years as a child.

To my amazement I have discovered there is not one single recorded medical case of people dying from chocolate. I must have come close a couple of times. There are unfortunately regular deaths of Dogs from Chocolate Toxicity. Chocolate contains Theobromine, a Methylxanthine compound which in large amounts can cause increased heart rates, cardiac arrhythmias, arrest and death.

Slug Bait

Dear Alex,

I have a retriever called Rusty who is a real pig. Sometimes when we’re out walking he will even try to eat slug bait out of gardens. I thought dogs were not supposed to like slug bait? Is this bad for him? I have been told by some people this could kill him. Is that true?

Sarah, Freemans Bay.

Toxic Waterways

This fantastic weather we’ve all been enjoying has also got our pets outside being super active and having their own set of great adventures. Not surprisingly the incidence of mishaps rises correspondingly. One summer culprit that can be found lurking in some of our fresh and brackish water areas is a lethal threat to our pets, to livestock and to humans.

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