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We value our clients' experience at VetCare Grey Lynn Animal Hospital. If your pet is currently a patient, we would love you to take a few moments to complete our online Client Experience Questionnaire.

We appreciate all your fantastic support, honest feedback and heart felt thanks and encouragement.

The Corbett Family

Just a quick message to say how amazing your Grey Lynn team are. We had to put our little guy Monty down today, and they made it as easy as it could be. They even came to our place to do it, which was lovely.

Nat especially has been wonderful. Whatever she's on, double it! We can't remember the name of the other vet (Anu) that came, but she was so comforting.

Thanks again, and please pass it on to the team.


The Howarth family

Hi Belinda and the VetCare team. Thank you so much for the lovely flowers you sent yesterday. Fergus was such a lovely boy, one of our family, and we are missing him terribly. We also can't say thank you enough for the fabulous care you, and Fiona and the Animal Referral Centre's team gave Fergus. Hopefully, we'll see you sometime in the future when we're ready for a new cat to join the family.

The Howarth family

Stacey and Sam

To the vet nurses and vet's

Thank you so much for looking after Paddy over the weekend. We are so happy to have him back home.

Ted and Tinkerbell are glad to have their buddy home too!

Best wishes, Stacey and Sam

Paula and Chris

To Jody and all the team

We wanted to say a huge thank you for all the kindness, compassion and support you've shown to Murphy and us throughout the last few years but especially in the last couple of months of his life.

You helped us through the difficult process enormously

Despite his health issues, Murphy always loved visiting which says so much about the kind attention you gave to him and the trust he had in you

Thank you, Paula and Chris

Wendy and Des

Dear Jody and the wonderful team

Your beautiful flowers and card mean so much to us.

Our Darling Gus. The finality is too hard to believe, but we will always keep him close in our hearts. Jody, your professional skill and genuine caring concern for Gus has been a great comfort to us.

Thank you all so much

Wendy and Des


Dear Jody

Thank you for everything you did for Ripley and for helping her to make the most of these last few years of her life.

Thank you especially for your calm advice and support in all her recent ups and downs, and with the decision i finally had to make. You and Henna made things as easy as they could possibly have been and i'm really grateful to you both for your professionalism and compassion.

It's very hard to say goodbye to my little dog and old friend of over fifteen years. It helps to think that she had the very best care from a vet who was kind, patient and understanding as well as practical and knowledgeable.

So thanks again from me and from Ripley and I wish you all the best


The Young Family

Hi Alex

Would like to thank you personally re Aubrey - the following please feel free to use in the Ponsonby News if you want to respond, for your readers benefit.

Recently my beloved 22 year old cat passed away. I would like to thank you and all your staff, for their heartfelt support leading up to and during the final day.
Their care, thoughtfulness and professionalism was outstanding. To have him pass on in his home, surrounded by family, demonstrates the love and care you give to both pets and their owners.
Also the little bunch of flowers sent afterwards was appreciated during the family's grieving process.

The Young Family


Dear Jody,
I want to thank you very much for all the loving, kind care you have given five of my 7 pets over the last few months. I appreciate it all very much and really felt I could trust you with all of them.
You are all very caring humans and I thank you,

Love Elspeth


A great clinic and very helpful. I've been taking Dixie there for 2 years now. Dr Alex is very nice.


My rottie has been looked after by Vetcare for over 5 years and they've been absolutely amazing. They are lovely to deal with, offer great advice (they recommended a great trainer) and always strive to find a solution to health problems no matter how obscure.

Sandy, Peter & Leo

Hi, I want to thank you for your top care and diagnosis of Leo my dear cat, this past week that he's been with you!! I can't tell you how highly I regard the team of Vets and Nurses and Staff there, each and every single one of you. Thank you for your dedication hard work, and care you have given all my dear cats of the years!!! I love the environment of your clinic, and the best staff in Auckland that you have!!!! When a pet owner like me comes in stressed with a sick or critically ill animal, your team do their utmost to comfort calm assure and alleviate the problem. I can't speak highly enough of each and every single one of you.

Bless You, Sandy and Leo U_U


Just a quick thank you for all the care and attention you give to George and Bailey when they are with you. It is so wonderful not having to worry one bit!

Best Regards Francelle

To Alex, Jody, Vanessa and all the team,

We both want to thank you for all the care shown to Gypsy and us throughout her entire wonderful life, but especially at the end.
You helped us through this process like you would not believe.
Your compassion and guidance was wonderful, thank you all

David and Gerard

From David

Some months ago, we noticed a change in our dog Gypsy's behaviour.Gypsy She seemed disinterested and quiet, which is not a way we would ever have described her in the past. She is a Wire-haired Fox Terrier, just the same as the Lotto dog; a breed known for their alertness and vitality.

Reluctant to take her to the vet, as she is now nearly 15, we did so with our hearts in our mouths. Initially, things looked as if our worst possible fears were going to be played out. Blood tests showed up some anomalies, which later x-rays showed to be a large mass on her spleen. The mass was the size of a tennis ball and was restricting heart and lung function.

Next step was an ultra sound. This confirmed the spleen was ready to blow at any time. The choice was immediate removal, or let her face a painful and fatal rupture of her spleen in the very near future. We went ahead with the surgery, always knowing the risks for survival for such an old, though fit, dog.

She made it through, and the following days were an emotional roller coaster waiting for results for tests on the tumour, which proved inconclusive. The ultra sound also Gypsyshowed changes to her liver, indicating the possibility of cancer there too.

She seemed to be doing so well. Her appetite and behaviour did not seem to match those of a dog with liver cancer. Chemotherapy was ruled out because of her age, and the lack of any conclusive evidence of success. We chose not to do any further testing, as this involved another risky anaesthetic, and it would not change the outcome.

We have been blessed with a month or so of time with our girl so far, and she continues to do well. Who knows how much longer we have with her, but we are just so, so glad that we bit the bullet and got her checked out. If we had not done so, we would now have a very sad and quiet house. Instead, we are having wonderful quality time with her and enjoying every minute of it.

Thanks to Alex, Jody, Vanessa and the Team. You gave us hope.

PS. As I write this, she is at my feet barking at me to throw her tennis ball for her. What more could I ask.

From Nick

I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you and your team for always being so patient, kind, understanding and accommodating. I am sure you must hear those words regularly in this kind of situation. For me (and probably everyone else on your books) it goes a very long way and makes all the difference in transitioning through the sometimes overwhelming process of losing your most favourite friend in the world.

Boo-hoo…so very sad…but totally worth the heartache…

From Abbey

Hi Team,

I just received the beautiful bunch of flowers! Thank you so much! Such a lovely surprise and really brightened my week!

Budha was blessed to have such a wonderful, caring group of Doctors and Nurses.
Such fond memories of seeing Jodie give him a little kiss on the head when he was feeling poorly or Vanessa telling me how she had shared her tuna with him one lunchtime in an effort to get him to eat when he was refusing. So comforting to know how well looked after he was in his many fragile states.

It was a very very sad day and I miss him dearly, but we had a really nice funeral for him and he rests peace next to the garden shed under his favourite olive tree.

Thank you again.

From Aubrey

Dear Dr Melrose,

I would like to thank you, Aubery200.jpgVanessa and your other lovely nurses, for looking after me so well for most of my life.
Your comprehensive "Vetcare Wellness Exam" has again shown me to be in tip-top condition for a cat that has just had his 20th birthday.
As a senior Abyssinian/Burmese cat I have always appreciated being known personally by name when coming in to see you all, and I especially enjoy the little 'nibble treats' if I behave myself.
I am sure that if you could invent a more dignified way for a cat to have his temperature taken you would become world famous.
Thanks again for the BEST care, and giving my owners the privilege of attending to my every whim for so many years.


Recently Paddy had dental care with you which can be summed up as excellent. I appreciate his post treatment pain management, fluids, antibiotics and check ups. Please keep up the great work and I can rest easy knowing if Paddy needs help he will get it, from Paddy's grateful companion


I want to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for everything you did to help us both. You have been so kind, generous and amazing. The wonderful attitude shown towards both the animals you treat but also their human guardians is a great testament to Vetcare. Your clinic excels in every level of care and service and you should be very proud of the work you do to aid animals through their woes.

From Anthony

I have found you to be the most caring people - professional and ready to take time with Harry and me. For such a chilled out, positive dog, he certainly had his share of health problems but in spite of that he adored visiting you, and that was because of the well deserved trust he had in you. Sincerely Jill Sykes.

From Jill

Squeaker had been diagnosed with growths that needed a life-saving operation at a cost which I couldn't afford and I had to make the heart-wrenching decision to put her to sleep. Alex offered to bear the cost of the operation kindly saying that he was confident he could give this puss quality of life. There are still some really lovely professionals in the world that have true passion for their work and are not just out to make a big buck. A very big thank you to Squeakers Guardian Angels.

From Squeaker's Mum

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your kindness, compassion and support. Keep doing what you do.

From Mary

Dearest Alex, Thank you for caring so much, both for me and for my babies. You are the best vet in the World, I could not imagine taking my pets to anyone else... ever. I won’t write anymore as words cannot explain...Hugs.

From N.H.

Kaia has had the benefit of VetCare’s service and as a result is a very healthy and fit dog, who until recently, has never missed agility due to illness or injury.If you are interested in ways to keep your dog fit, healthy and in as good a condition as possible then please talk to Alex and the team at VetCare.

From Akarana Agility Club

Thank you so much for looking after Igor so well, a one of a kind cat, he will be missed by his entire family, from abscesses and renal failure to dodgy legs the team there were fantastic and we really appreciate it. Thanks again.

From F Wilson.

Although we've since moved to the North Shore, we wouldn't think of seeing anyone but the fine staff at Vetcare. I'm just now getting around to raving about them because of the extraordinary attention and care they put into my Beagles' much-needed dental care. They called me with updates throughout the day. When I arrived to pick up the dogs, they sat me down and walked me through the post-anesthesia and continuing care routines. They even took before and after pictures of the dogs' teeth so I could marvel at the improvement. I trust these guys and recommend them highly if you want veterinary professionals who like what they do and really care about animals.

From Andrew

As Jakes owners we can't thank Alex and the team at VetCare enough they have been outstanding in their care of Jake and it is only through their efforts he is still with us today.

From Jake's Mum & Dad

Thanks Alex for all your kindness. You have been my vet for many years now for my beautiful black cat Pango Angel, keeping him fit and well. Thanks so much again.

From Fleur

I wanted to express my thanks to all the care you have provided over the years and I know that Katie had found a special place in your hearts. She never objected to her visits with you in fact I often wondered whether she secretly looked forward to all the fuss that you lavished on her.

From Lynette

You guys are our heros. Thank you for stepping forward, offering an incredibly generous act of kindness to a stranger, which provided a lifeline to my precious Zahk and to me as well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, eternally grateful.

From Claire

Burbles is happy to be home and has come back, slimmer, healthier, and cuddlier than ever. You and the crew at VCGL rock! Thanks Heaps.

From Kerrie

Dear Alex & the whole warm, friendly, dedicated and kind team. Biggest thanks for taking care of our furry family member, Burbles. She was gone for so long but now seems totally happy & healthy.

From Kerrie

I just wanted to thank you for such an enriching experience during the time I spent in the clinic. It was interesting to observe and just soak in the atmosphere behind the scenes; and the sheer amount of skill and instinct needed on a day to day basis is really quite amazing.

From Vicki Lim

Thanks so much for all the care and affection you lavished on Rusty over the many years. He really appreciated it and so did we. You truly made it a home away from home for him. Thank you for everything you did.

From Rob

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave our dear Beatrice when she had her surgery yesterday. It made it much easier to leave her there knowing she would be in good hands. She is doing fine and her bandage is still intact!

From Pegg and Ali

Thank you so much for your recent assistance with the cat I brought in who had been hit by a car. I was really impressed with your skill, professionalism and compassion. Because of your efforts the cat survived, found its owner and got treated with kindness. You are all stars in my book and I am honoured to know you. Thanks for doing what you do so well!

From Peggy

I've never before been at a clinic where all the staff knew every single patient walking through the door, you are truely special, stay passionate about your jobs.

From Christina

I so appreciated your help and extreme kindness in aiding me so i could get this lipoma removed from Mushu. Thank you all.

From Elspeth

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